DGE starts work in Greenland


DGE Denmark’s Sven Ulrich Bertelsen and Hanne Sadolin Jensen spent their end of August kicking off a very exciting new project in Greenland.

Whilst the client and the specifics are still under wraps, we are able to share that we we dealing with an investigation of environmentally hazardous substances in a building prior to a renovation. In addition, we helped with an assessment of their handling of soil contamination and advised them on how to excavate, deposit and re-integrate soil.

“It is known that a lot of asbestos and PCBs have been used in Greenland over time, so it is therefore important to investigate for it,” said Hanne Sadolin Jensen. She also complimented the environment of the work assignment very highly: “It was FANTASTIC, completely unforgettable. Just out there in “nothing” in the raw nature, I suddenly understood what “the sound of silence” actually is.”

Thank you, Hanne, for lovely photos of the Greenland nature too! A great example of exactly what we’re working hard to protect.

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