Environmental Due Diligence

Value for your business

Liabilities to pay damages can have devastating consequences for transactions otherwise completed professionally and in good faith, if post-transaction findings reveal that extensive soil and/or ground water pollution has taken place in the past.

Experienced specialists

In recent years, the environmental due diligence has become internationally recognized as a critical aspect to be addressed in connection with property and asset transactions.

The DGE specialists are trained to spot any possible signs of such conditions. We are co-operating with drilling companies who can act almost momentarily to disclose and verify the possible causes of the contamination.

The Environmental Due Diligence focuses on:

  • Use of hazardous materials in buildings and constructions
  • Handling of hazardous materials and liquids
  • Noise emission
  • Air pollution and emission
  • Ground and soil contamination
  • Ground water pollution
  • Workers health and safety environment

In an environmental due diligence DGE documents the potential environmental liabilities and obligations related to the transaction. Our assessments are tailor-made to the individual transaction and to the compliance situation relative to national and regional regulations.