Building Contamination

Does the indoor climate pose a risk to your health?

There are still environmental contaminants such as PCB, asbestos and heavy metals in many buildings today that can be detected in the indoor air or have spread to the surrounding environment. Likewise, moisture problems in buildings can lead to the occurrence of mould, and leaking of radon can cause poor indoor climate and pose a health risk.

Building contamination

DGE has screened 675 buildings for The Danish Armed Forces all over the country for the hazardous environmental poison PCB. DGE measures the amount of PCB in the indoor climate in buildings where personnel stay daily. The project is one of the largest continuous investigations of PCB in Danish buildings ever.

A safe indoor climate

At DGE we have wide experience in building contamination, and on this basis we can offer you an in-depth assessment of the indoor climate in your building. If this leads to a health risk we can help you by conducting quick and cost-effective remedial actions, thus ensuring that the indoor climate does not pose a health risk to you and others staying in the building.

We offer consultancy about risk factors like:

  • PCB
  • Asbestos
  • Heavy metals
  • Moulds
  • Radon