Careers at DGE

DGE Group has a long history of providing the very best service both nationally and internationally.

Caring is deep in our DNA, and our thoroughness and integrity help us to deliver environmental advice of the highest quality.


Do you want to join our mission?


At DGE, we see our people as the most important resource. Creating security and chances for growth for them are among our most important priorities.

We hope to see you join our team someday.


No one was born perfect and omniscient. Seeing our future industry stars develop their skills professionally and personally means much to us. 

We would love for you to join our teams locally.

Development first

At DGE, we believe that people perform best when they are in balance. Therefore, the well-being and development of our employees always comes first.

Freedom with responsibility

We know everyone needs opportunities to be creative to develop. That's why you can always have your share of freedom with responsibility with us.


At DGE, you will feel included, as we make room for people and their differences.

Open positions in DGE

DGE companies largely hire individually by country.

There may be some international applications open occasionally, but due to local specifics, the expectation mostly is for local applicants as well – both in terms of language skills and living arrangement. You can determine the difference by language – the ads posted in English are the ones open for all.

If you are local to any DGE country and feel like you would be a great asset to us – let us know! Most countries are open to both applications for specific positions, as well as ongoing hiring. 

See which companies are currently hiring:

Want to tell us about you?

If you see no available positions that match your qualifications and abilities, but feel like you’d be a perfect fit in one of our teams, let us know about you anyway! 

Maybe we just don’t know to look for you yet.