DGE’s Nan Kjellberg to hold a webinar on carbon footprinting

The Inogen Alliance Sustainability Stewards are holding a roundtable series, kicking off in late April. The first of the webinar speakers will be DGE’s very own Nan Kjellberg.

Nan is a sustainability consultant with an MSc in Engineering and Team leader for the Sustainable Business and Circular Economy Team at DGE Sweden. Her experiences on decarbonization span from carbon footprint calculations to setting targets and roadmaps for contributing to the day-to-day implementation of carbon reductions.

This roundtable, scheduled for April 27, is aimed to be a discussion of experiences and examples of different approaches and methods, used within the topic of carbon footprinting in different contexts: industries, countries etc. The main focus will be footprinting according to the GHG protocol, but the discussion may also include discussion of related standards and frameworks, such as SBT, ISO 14040, ISO 14067/4 and PAS 2050/2060.

Inogen’s webinar series will include monthly roundtable discussions on sustainability topics over the course of the next year. These sessions are intended to be a forum for global expert practitioners to connect! The intent of this series is to bring together global expertise and practitioners for dialogue around our shared sustainability service areas. Each session will be led by a sustainability practitioner from one of the global Inogen teams, who will provide an overview of the service and different approaches and tools, which will be followed by discussion of common challenges, and include detail associated with anticipated emerging regulatory requirements.

The roundtable series, including Nan’s webinar, is open for Inogen Alliance members.

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