New EHS software – E-Toolbox

E-Toolbox is a new EHS software that helps you manage your company’s data regarding chemistry, environment, occupational health and safety as well as legislation.

E-Toolbox for companies

E-Toolbox consists of 5 modules; Base, Hazardous Material Management, Risk Assessment, Environmental Data Management and Data:


The Base module is the central module that is connected to the other modules and contains the company’s data with departments and organizational structure.


The Hazardous Material Management module is a chemical management program that registers the company’s chemical substances, compounds and products. In the module, you can write and register safety data sheets, generate safety handling instructions, chemical workplace assessments and create labels. Apart from the basic functions, the module helps you manage any possible SVHC substances. You can prepare chemical risk assessment that may underlie substitution. After uploading your chemicals, the module identifies Seveso III related substances and groups, and automatically performs the aggregation calculations.


In the Risk Assessment module you can prepare, handle and manage risk analyzes. Risk factors can be stated within occupational health and safety, external environment, fire, working processes etc. It can be used for the risk-based thinking in the new ISO 9001/14001 standards, create schedules to make internal/external audits etc. The program can identify, assess, measure and implement corrective action plans and follow-up.


The Environmental Data Management module is a business management program. All tasks related to the company’s EHS questions can be managed here, as well as legal obligations. Quality and environmental management system can be administered and controlled in the module as well as documentation management.


The Data module administers and assesses operating data from all the company’s locations. For instance water, energy, handling of material including raw materials and production, waste, travels etc. Reports can be made containing GAP analyzes, CO2 calculations etc.


The EHS program is tailored to the individual company, and the E-Toolbox modules are linked together to meet your specific business needs. Reports can be pulled from the modules that can be linked together with other programs and systems.


E-Toolbox is developed by Denkstatt Group which is part of the Inogen network and DGE’s new partner. To read more about the program, see
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