Vision and Values

Our vision

By 2025, we want to be the strongest environmental consultant in Scandinavia and the Baltics, measured by know-how, competence and ability to do business.

Our mission

We are environmental consultants. We identify the environmental needs in relation to the development of industry, infrastructure and construction and take responsibility for our clients’ projects.

We strongly believe in growth, but sustainable growth with respect and in harmony with the earth’s resources and the demands of society. We make a difference and provide the best solutions for our clients and the environment.

Our philosophy

  • We are Environmental Consultants. We are committed to push projects in the right direction in order to make a positive difference for the environment – We have a conscience and it’s our duty to tell our clients what is good and what is not. We will always affect the projects we participate in towards sustainability.

  • We always seek the compromise in order to be able to have a positive influence on the environment. That is the only way we are able to change things for the better.

  • We have common core business principles and values. We live and breathe the philosophy and values. We show the way and believe in the strength of the community.

  • We fertilize each other’s businesses in common projects. We unfold our talent to always be better. We use competencies and services from all Group offices to get the best result. We cooperate , share our knowledge and communicate honestly.

Our values

Our core values outline the foundation for how we work in order to achieve our vision and mission and define how we operate in all our dealings.

We base our consulting services on COMPETENCE

  • We use our technical expertise to provide effective solutions
  • We have personal competencies and strong relationships
  • We cooperate and share our knowledge based on honest communication
  • We know our customers and colleagues and what each one stands for
  • We help our clients meet their responsibilities


Based on competence, we make a positive difference for our customers and the environment.

The environment is our core business and our RESPONSIBILITY

  • We are responsible environmental consultants who meet our customers where they are.
  • We work for people and the environment
  • We take responsibility for the process and solutions by daring to ask the critical questions
  • We are driven by our professional passion, decency and integrity
  • We respect that we manage other people’s resources and funds
  • We value the trust others place upon us and commit ourselves to always try to live up to it


We create sustainable solutions by taking responsibility – also for future generations.

We have sustainable and CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS

  • Our consulting is based on our client’s needs
  • We listen and always give the best of ourselves to create effective solutions
  • We believe in sustainable relationships across customers, society, employees and management
  • We are available and dedicated partners
  • We have a culture where we, with trust, dialogue and positive energy, drive each other to do our best

At DGE, professionalism is personal.