International meetings for DGE in April

Eleven people sit around a conference room desk, looking at the projector screen, which is showing a presentation.

The DGE Group had a busy month of April, especially as far as meetings were concerned. DGE’s management team met in Riga, and a short week later, our COO flew to Tokyo to meet partners from the global Inogen Alliance.

A meeting between friends

In Riga, we had the pleasure of meeting each other for our biannual management meeting, which takes place in our various head office locations in turns. This time in Riga, in addition to the country managers, we also had the pleasure of having a few of our esteemed business partners and friends join us around the table. In the two meeting days, each of the companies reiterated their national focus areas, as well as discussed the larger goals, difficulties and development opportunities for the Group. Additionally, of course, nice meals were had, walks taken and friendly conversations held.

Konnichiwa Tokyo!

Only a week after the Riga meeting, our COO Heikki Kalle (also CEO of Hendrikson DGE in Estonia) flew out as a one-man-delegation to represent the DGE Group in the Inogen Alliance Associates’ meeting. As the Alliance grows and it’s span widens, all Associates get to explore an even wider range of host cities, since these biannual meetings, just like DGE’s own, rotate between different cities the members are active in. 

During the two days of meetings, hosted by our co-Associate Propharm Japan, roughly 80 delegates were present from all across the globe. As the Alliance’s Remediation Working Group leader, Heikki also held those duties during the meeting, and fruitful discussions were held with other Working Group members on numerous topics, including the developing new realities for remediation as a service area, as well as all of us as the providers.

“The Inogen Alliance network of partnerships is based on trust and shared values,” says Heikki of the meeting. “Global changes in sustainability consulting is hard to grasp as a small company, Therefore it is good to share insights on a larger scale. There are so many things happening – sustainability, energy transition, emerging influence of AI to name few. It’s good to have conversations on all of the progressions in global company.”

Thank you, Heikki, for representing us, and thank you all Associates and Inogen Alliance leadership! Looking forward to connecting with everyone again!

A large number of people, organization membrs, gathered on a big spiral staircase.
Inogen Alliance Associate representatives at the Spring Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Photo from the Inogen Alliance photo bank.

The DGE Group is an environmental consultancy based in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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