The merchant, who ended up in the environmental business, is celebrating his 25th anniversary

Whether it was one of life’s coincidences or fate is better left unsaid, but it was not in the career cards that Poul Erik Jensen, as a newly trained merchant, should end up among scientists and create an international environmental company based in Aarhus, Denmark. Today, on 1 May 2020, he is celebrating his 25th anniversary as CEO and owner of DGE.

I am so sorry! Please call me. Thyge Bang Hofmeister.

In fact, this is also a 35th anniversary, because it all began in 1985 with the above note under the windscreen wiper of Poul Erik Jensen’s new red Volvo 142 Grand Luxe, which shined with the spring sun in a parking lot in Viby J near Aarhus. The car was somewhat damaged from the encounter with the acknowledged Engineer Thyge Bang Hofmeister’s Daimler. But the subsequent meeting between Poul Erik Jensen and Thyge Bang Hofmeister did not only remedy the damage. It also changed Poul Erik Jensen’s career path forever. He had just completed a two-year trainee course and, as the only one, he had passed through Herman Salling’s needle’s eye with his own purchasing budget and the responsibility for two trainees. Next stop was Dansk Supermarked. But the two gentlemen, despite a great age difference, developed a growing friendship, which already a few months later turned into a professional collaboration. The 53-year-old visionary Thyge Bang Hofmeister offered Poul Erik Jensen the position of Marketing Manager in his newly started company in Aarhus, Danish Exploration Service. An offer too good to turn down for an enthusiastic 23-year-old merchant, who quickly, with Thyge Bang Hofmeister as his mentor, left his mark on the business. Ten years later, in 1995, Poul Erik Jensen was ready to take over the ownership. Since then, DGE has continued its positive development and is today as DGE Group both a nationwide and international environmental and engineering company with 165 highly educated employees spread across seven offices in Denmark and companies throughout the Northern and Baltic countries.

To make an effort

If you ask Poul Erik Jensen himself what has been his driving force and the main reason why DGE has come so far, the talk quickly falls on values and culture. Especially being decent both as a human being and as a businessman, but also to make an effort and be persistent have been very important.

– I have decided to always go on the field. And I have never been satisfied with a draw, meaning that when a potential customer has said no, I have heard and understood it, but I have also thought that at some point there will be an opening, and then I have concentrated on shooting the ball into the goal. In this way, I think I have gained many victories in extended playing time so to speak, Poul Erik Jensen explains. He adds that throughout the years it has meant a lot to him that the victories have added to a better and more sustainable world.


Poul Erik Jensen has never regretted that DGE and the environmental business became his career path. On the contrary.

– With DGE, I have had the opportunity to be in a team of people with strong opinions and attitudes. And yet, I have managed to influence them and lead them, even though they may not always have wanted to be led, because they probably knew better than me, but despite this we have created DGE together. I feel privileged, says Poul Erik Jensen, who incidentally still has a close friendship with Thyge Bang Hofmeister.

The DGE Group is an environmental consultancy based in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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