Environmental Liability
and Remediation

We must take maximum efforts to repair and maintain the quality of our environment, any liability must be identified, assessed, and remediated.

The technical, social, and regulatory complexities must be understood and evaluated to fully complete an appropriate remediation and recycling in a safe working environment.

At DGE Group, we actively engage with our clients to assess and respond to the specific and changing needs with controlled costs for complete integration of site investigations, screenings, and surveys for remediation to assume environmental responsibility in a cost-efficient manner.

Related Services

Site Investigations

Remedial Actions design, supervision, and monitoring

Screening of contaminated building materials

Biodiversity surveys

Geological and geotechnical surveys

Air pollution control and solutions design

Noise control, modelling, solutions design and monitoring

Surface and groundwater control, solutions design, supervision, and monitoring

This is a non-conclusive list of our services. For further information please contact Heikki Kalle at heikki.kalle@dge-group.eu or Per Reimann at per@dge.dk.