Environmental Evaluation of Chemicals

Because of the increasing welfare and industrial growth in the western hemisphere over the last 40 years, an explosive trend in development and use of synthetic chemical has taken place. However, many of the chemicals cause increasingly larger environmental problems.

How can we control these matters?  Part of the answer is environmental management, cleaner technology and putting dangerous chemicals out of use. But how do we do this in practice? Environmental evaluation of chemicals is one of the key words.


We offer advice on how your business is affected by the provisions of REACH as well as help to obtain information in regard to registration. We have ecological and toxicological expertise . We can perform risk assessments and assist in the chemical safety assessment as well as the establishment of information to the Chemical Safety Report.

Classification and labelling

We offer advice on current regulations as well as compilation of existing data on ecotoxicology and toxicology. Through our partners we can also offer help to establish correct MSDSs.


We can help you find more environmentally friendly alternatives to the products you currently use. We also have ecological expertise that will be used in risk assessments of chemicals within the product choice principle.

Advice on large scale chemicals Seveso

The Seveso Directive applies to establishments where dangerous substances may be present in certain quantities. DGE will help you calculate whether and in what way the Seveso legislation applies to your business. We assist in the preparation of the action plan and safety report in accordance with applicable rules.