Assessment of Indoor Climate

Does the indoor climate pose a risk?

Temperature, atmospheric humidity, air quality, light and noise have great influence on your health, your productivity and your well-being in general.

A good indoor climate is an indoor environment where people feel comfortable both physically and mentally and where there is no risk of incurring damage to health.

Consultancy on the indoor climate

At DGE we advise on the risks that may be combined with poor indoor air and the use of inexpedient building materials in different buildings. Our experts perform environmental screenings where they review the building and identify the factors that need to be addressed to ensure a healthy indoor climate.

  • Preliminary investigations of the building constructions and the age of the building
  • Selection of buildings and planning of sampling
  • Projecting: collection of material samples for analysis
  • Performance: indoor climate surveys
  • Result assessment and determination of indoor climate risk
  • Proposal for corrective measures and overhauls
  • Monitoring
  • Documentation