Hendrikson & Ko – A part of DGE Group

Hendrikson & Ko, leading spatial planning and environmental management consultancy in Estonia is now part of the DGE Group

Hendrikson & Ko is from May 2017 part of the DGE Group, sharing similar nordic business ethics and corporate values. DGE is environmental management consultancy with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and now also in Estonia.

The activities of Hendrikson are presently reaching far over the borders of Estonia. The company has activities in the consulting of private companies, municipalities, governmental agencies, as well as international organisations. The sectors of competence include industries, transport infra, energy etc. Our services include spatial planning in urban and regional scale, strategic and environmental impact assessment, consultations in integrated environmental permitting and environmental management, as well as infrastructure design.

Furthermore the services also include Natura 2000 assessment, consultations on sustainable construction (e.g. BREAAM), BAT assessment, due diligence auditing, chemical safety assessments, risk analysis, air pollution and noise modelling, etc.

The core of present shareholders will remain in the company. Read more about Hendrikson & Ko


Heikki Kalle
COO; Director, Estonia; Contact for Sustainability Strategy and Planning
Direct: +372 502 5563
Email: heikki.kalle@dge-group.eu