Climate Value Solutions

DGE Group is part of the Climate Value Solutions consortium, which in 2017 entered into an innovation partnership with Frederiksberg Municipality in Denmark on climate solutions for managing rainwater.

Frederiksberg Municipality wanted to develop solutions to deal with the increasing rainfall. Their demands on the solutions were that they should be able to handle a cloudburst and that their many roadside trees should be watered with the rainwater.

The close and innovative collaboration has resulted in a completely new underground system that transforms rainwater into a sustainable resource for the municipality of Frederiksberg’s green areas.

The system collects and stores rainwater. During heavy downpours water is diverted away from the sewers, cutting flood risk, while in dry periods the leftover rainfall is used to water trees and parks, helping to reduce operation and maintenance costs, and importantly CO2.

The citizens of Frederiksberg Municipality are not only secured against the more extreme rainfall in the future. They also enjoy a more lush Frederiksberg in the form of green oases and open waterways.

The solution is scalable and can easily be adapted to the individual project and local conditions.