New Country Director appointed to DGE Denmark

Helle Hegelund is appointed as the new Country Director for DGE Denmark, and she thus takes the lead in the further development and direction of the Danish branch of the Group. Helle comes from a position in her own company, where she, among other things, advises the Danish Energy Agency on the large energy island […]

Estonian Hendrikson celebrates 25th birthday

DGE’s Estonian member Hendrikson&Ko is celebrating a big milestone in 2022 – the company turned 25! In September, Hendrikson held a birthday party for its employees, friends, and clients in Tartu.  Hendrikson has been a part of DGE Group from 2017, and a very valuable member, offering a number of services to our clients that […]

DGE starts work in Greenland

DGE Denmark’s Sven Ulrich Bertelsen and Hanne Sadolin Jensen spent their end of August kicking off a very exciting new project in Greenland. Whilst the client and the specifics are still under wraps, we are able to share that we we dealing with an investigation of environmentally hazardous substances in a building prior to a […]

DGE’s Nan Kjellberg to hold a webinar on carbon footprinting

The Inogen Alliance Sustainability Stewards are holding a roundtable series, kicking off in late April. The first of the webinar speakers will be DGE’s very own Nan Kjellberg. Nan is a sustainability consultant with an MSc in Engineering and Team leader for the Sustainable Business and Circular Economy Team at DGE Sweden. Her experiences on […]

DGE presented as a Global Thought Leader in an Inogen Alliance campaign

Just as human activity is responsible for prompting the climate crisis, it is down to human behavior to solve the issues we face as a species. To meet the challenges of a future world we will all be able to live in requires vision from the people who will make a difference: the senior business […]

DGE pushes forward in the ELWIND project

In September 2020, the Minister for Economics of Latvia and the Estonian Minister of Economy and Infrastructure signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the joint project of an offshore wind farm for energy production from renewable energy sources. The project was dubbed Estonia-Latvia WIND, or ELWIND in short. ELWIND project is an Estonian-Latvian joint hybrid […]

DGE wins four-year frame deal for Region Hovedstaden

We are happy to announce that DGE Denmark has won a four year framework agreement for the Capital Region in connection with the cleanup of pollution through the Value Plan. In fact, we are already in full swing with the supplementary investigations after a series of preliminary measures. The Value Reduction Scheme is, in short, […]

DGE is continuing operations

In relation to global COVID-19 pandemia DGE Group is putting the safety of our employees and clients first. We are continuing to service our clients and partners, however alterations might occur due to restrictions in travel and face to face meetings. We encourage to contact us to set the convenient working routines during the quarantine […]

DGE opens office in Finland

DGE Group has entered partnership with LE-Consulting in Finland. From our office in Helsinki, we offer a wide range of environmental and sustainability consulting services across Scandinavia and the Baltics. LE-Consulting is a well-established company in Finland. Since the opening in 1989, their main area of activities includes legal, economic and technical consulting in real […]