Our core values…

…outline the foundation for how we work in order to achieve our vision and mission and define how we operate in all our dealings.

vaerdiikon-competenceWe base our

  • We use our technical expertise to provide effective solutions
  • We have personal competencies and strong relationships
  • We cooperate and share our knowledge based on honest communication
  • We know our customers and colleagues and what each one stands for
  • We help our clients meet their responsibilities

Based on competence we make a positive difference for our customers
and the environment

vaerdiikoner-responsibilityThe environment is our
core business and our

  • We are responsible environmental consultants who meet our customers where they are.
  • We work for people and the environment
  • We take responsibility for the process and solutions by daring to ask the critical questions
  • We are driven by our professional passion, decency and integrity
  • We respect that we manage other people’s resources and funds
  • We value the trust others place upon us and commit ourselves to always try to live up to it

We create sustainable solutions by taking responsibility
– also for future generations

vaerdiikon-close-relationshipsWe have sustainable

  • Our consulting is based on our client’s needs
  • We listen and always give the best of ourselves to create effective solutions
  • We believe in sustainable relationships across customers, society, employees and management
  • We are available and dedicated partners
  • We have a culture where we, with trust, dialogue and positive energy, drive each other to do our best

At DGE, professionalism is personal. Together we are stronger!