New free webinar coming on Jan 17, 2024 – “CSRD in Practice”

DGE Group Webinar CSRD in Practice

The new EU rules on sustainability reporting provide greater clarity on what should be measured and reported in this highly important area.

Starting from January the 1st 2024, the first companies will start collecting information to report according to CSRD and the related detailed standards (ESRS). Thereafter, more and more companies will be phased into the new regulatory system.

DGE Group’s experts Nan Kjellberg (Sweden) and Anna Tuomisto (Finland) will discuss the new sustainability reporting from both a business and a legal perspective. Nan Kjellberg will dive into the topics of materiality and supply chain management within the CSRD, while Anna Tuomisto will present a general case example of the legal application and implementation of the directive in Finland.

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