DGE Presents on Building Contamination with Inogen Alliance Partners

On September 7, DGE specialists held a webinar on a topic that’s quite close to ours hearts at the company – building contamination.

Hendrikson DGE’s CEO Heikki Kalle, heading the Inogen Alliance Remediation working group, spearheaded the effort to put together a webinar, first internal for the Alliance, and then external as well, on building contamination and the state of it in various countries. DGE Group and DGE Denmark more specifically were represented by Rikke Syndegaard, and she was joined by Chris Wood on the UK (Lucien Group) and Theo Cavens from Belgium (Antea Group Belgium). 

As Inogen Alliance themselves introduced this webinar: “The practice of reusing materials from demolished buildings not only aligns with the principles of a circular economy but is also gaining significant traction. One of the key challenges in this process of reclamation is ensuring the safety of the salvaged materials. During our webinar, we will explore real-life use examples of how to manage the quality of building materials throughout the recycling process, including pre-demolition surveys, cleanup procedures, and supervision.”

The entire webinar, which required pre-registration, is up on the Inogen Alliance Youtube account, apart from the Q&A section. To also take part of the Q&A, make sure to pre-register to the next Inogen Alliance’s webinar!

Big thanks from us to Rikke (DGE Denmark) for such a good presentation, Heikki (Hendrikson DGE) for hosting, and Inogen Alliance for helping to put this all together!

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