Our CSRD webinar gets English subtitles!

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In early June DGE Finland cooperated with our Inogen Alliance partner denxpert (Hungary) to put together a webinar for their clients – the topic being CSRDs. 

This Finnish-language webinar, led by our consultant Anna Tuomisto was first and foremost directed at, unsurprisingly, our Finnish customers – present and future – and we know not many can boast understanding it fluently. Therefore, it quickly became apparent that in order to make the information as accessible internationally as seemed to be asked, we needed to figure out another option. Subtitling is obviously not anything magically new, but it still took us a little moment (especially in the summer holiday season) to get all our ducks in a row. However, now that is done, and quality subtitling is available for the webinar!

If you’re interested to learn more what the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) means, what differentiates it from its predecessor, and what it could mean for your company in the future, make sure to take the time for this webinar! denxpert’s representative Robert also explains how their service can help with present and future reporting needs through digitisation – something all companies under the obligation to do so will be wise to at least consider.

To see the webinar’s recording with the new subtitles (or without!), we ask you to go through our partner denxpert’s website:


For any further questions on CSRDs or other kinds of reporting, your local DGE company is the best place to turn.

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