Strengthened bonds with global partners

final group shot

In November, DGE had several happy “projects” with our co-associates at Inogen Alliance. In the beginning of the month, Antea Group US hosted all of the Alliance’s global network in the bi-annual Associates’ meeting, taking place in San Francisco. DGE Group’s usual delegation was this time proudly represented by out COO, the owner and director of DGE Estonia and Hendrikson, Heikki Kalle. In addition to participating in a panel discussion with colleagues on the trending services of Inogen Alliance, Heikki also had the chance to see the members of a working group he’s leading in the Alliance on Remediation. No doubt, a very useful few days in the States.

In the end of November, we very excitedly saw the kick-off of a campaign with The Independent re-releasing the short documentary Inogen Alliance published earlier in the year – “The Road to a More Sustainable Future”. With Nan Kjellberg from DGE Sweden also participating, we were happy to see the documentary get a little more traction to get its message out there. Therefore, we also made the decision to co-fund the campaign, and are proud to present the first product supporting it – an ESG article in Business Insider:

Click on the image to open the article.

We’re always happy to work with our Alliance partners. Until next cooperations!

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