DGE presented as a Global Thought Leader in an Inogen Alliance campaign

Just as human activity is responsible for prompting the climate crisis, it is down to human behavior to solve the issues we face as a species. To meet the challenges of a future world we will all be able to live in requires vision from the people who will make a difference: the senior business leaders in the world’s biggest and most innovative companies.

Inogen Alliance, which DGE Group is a part of, is featured in one of the short documentaries. Our role in the films is as global environment, health and safety and sustainability consultants, offering climate related solutions to multinational clients. The ultimate mission of the Alliance is to make the world a safer, cleaner, and more sustainable place by becoming the consultants of choice for multinational organizations determined to meet the goal for 2050 of net zero. Businesses have a responsibility, as we all do, to create a more sustainable world for future generations and Inogen Alliance is equipped with their global expertise to guide them on this journey. This is why we, along with our fellow Alliance members, took part in the Global Thought Leaders documentary series.

The short documentary focuses on the many answers we have for the current climate issues. We look at some key areas where multinational businesses can make a difference, including water stewardship, carbon footprinting and benchmarking, and materiality assessments for setting up an ESG strategy. We hear from four leaders within Inogen Alliance including President Angelique Dickson; Board Member and Managing Director Alex Ferguson of Delta-Simons; Sustainability Consultant Beatrice Bizarro of HPC; and Sustainability Consultant Nan Kjellberg of DGE Group.

Check out the documentary along with behind-the-scenes and related content and on Global Thought Leaders.

Global Thought Leaders is a campaign devised by TBD Media Group, an award-winning  production company that has filmed documentaries on five continents. By highlighting the work of Global Thought Leaders, they promote the real work being done to tackle the most pressing issues facing humanity today – from climate change to poverty and inequality.

More information on the Global Thought Leaders Campaign may be found here.

Also see Inogen Alliance’s press release on the documentary.

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Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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