Environmental consultant for Q8

DGE is Environmental consultant for Q8, one of Denmark’s largest gasoline companies, whose main occupation consists of sales and distribution of oil products and associated services.

Q8 is fully aware that the company sells and distributes products that could cause significant harm to the environment in case of accident. As an environmentally conscious company, Q8 is constantly involved in protecting and protecting the environment as far as possible.

Over the past 20 years, DGE has advised Q8 in a variety of different cases. Most of the tasks concern the investigation and purification of soil and groundwater contamination with oil products in the event of accidents, spillages or leakage installations.

The studies include everything from initial emergency measures to minimize the extent of injury, to investigations to clarify the extent of the damage and the environmental consequences. The environmental engineering work is always carried out with the greatest possible consideration for the continued operation of the individual service station.

In addition to environmental investigations and pollution cleanings, DGE’s advice also includes environmental upgrades and renovations of service stations.

The DGE Group is an environmental consultancy based in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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