After developing a process-oriented management system for Icopal DGE operates as the general quality and environment partner of the company that produces advanced roof solutions for the construction industry.


Icopal delivers advanced roofing products and offers a wide range of services. It is found throughout Europe and the USA with a network of local sales and production units. Headquartered in Denmark, it has an annual turnover of around EUR 1.2 billion and employs about 3900 employees worldwide. Icopal has a strong environmental profile of recycling and minimizing the use of raw materials and energy as key priorities.

The mission

Since 2006 DGE has worked for Icopal AB in Malmö to identify processes and introduce a process-oriented management system. Our employees have had the role of agency quality and environment which has included the maintenance and development of management systems, management of chemical information, participation in product development, internal audits and training. An important aim is to motivate employees to maintain and develop the Icopal different processes. The goal of Icopal is to strengthen the brand and its competitive advantage in the Swedish market.

In 2009, we also supported Icopal in the process of implementing CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility, within the framework of the operational system.

The DGE Group is an environmental consultancy based in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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