DGE cooperates with high-tech companies in the cement industry concerning everything from risk analysis of transportation to counselling the environmental review of a factory.

Cementa AB, part of the international group HeidelbergCement, manufactures and sells cement in bulk / loose. Production takes place in Slite, Degerhamn and Skövde – places where there is good access to the all-important raw material limestone. Cementa is a modern high-tech company with an annual turnover of approximately SEK 1.3 billion and employs around 425 people in Sweden.
The mission.

For environmental assessment of Cementa’s Degerhamn Factory, DGE has the responsibility for technical advice and environmental consulting, and as part of this, we have established EIS.
The cooperation has continued with reports decided by the Environment Court, and in connection with these, we have conducted measurements of PM10 and nitrogen dioxide in the ambient air at the nearby settlements.

Other missions:

  • Establishment of a final plan for an older landfill and environmental assessment of a new landfill.
  • Periodic air monitoring, inclusive QAL 2, at the plants in Skövde and Degerhamn. On Degerhamn plant also sampling and inquiries regarding TOC emissions to air have been conducted.
  • Establishment of application, technical description, and environmental impact assessments for four ports and 14 of Cementas depots around Sweden. Furthermore, we investigated the dredged material for the dredging of the approach channel to the Degerhamn plant.

The DGE Group is an environmental consultancy based in the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our strengths lie in our dialogue-based business ideals, strong sense of mission, positive energy, and personal business relationships. Our clients range from government agencies and large global corporations to small single-person operations.

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