Site Investigations

DGE carries out all forms of contaminated site investigations, risk assessments and remediation of contamination for public and private customers in compliance with national legislation – also in connection with property transactions. If your property is situated in an urban zone the area is classified which means that there are restrictions as to how the soil must be handled during excavation. We can assist by analysing soil samples in order to determine if the soil can be reused or must be removed.

Contaminated soil and ground water can pose a risk to human health and nature and represent important financial liabilities. A systematic approach to manage the risks and liabilities related to contaminated sites is therefore of utmost importance.

  • Is there an old oil tank at your property?
  • Has a plant formerly been situated at the site?
  • For how many years has the plant been situated at the site?
  • Are you about to sell?
  • Must the land use be changed?
  • Has your property been mapped at information level 1?

– in all cases it is a good idea to perform a contamination investigation. The contamination investigation is adapted to the individual property and clarifies the extent of the contamination. DGE’s contamination investigations clarify whether the contamination poses a risk to the land use and/or the groundwater.