Historical Environmental Reviews

DGE can help procuring the necessary knowledge to assess whether contaminating activities have taken place at the site.

Most contaminations have taken place many years ago, and therefore it is not possible to hold anyone responsible for them. In 2006 on national basis about 24.000 properties were mapped as possibly contaminated at information level 1 and as contaminated at information level 2. Just as many have most likely not been detected yet. At many sites the contamination is not even visible and this raises several questions for the house-owners: “Can our children play in the garden?”. “Are we in danger of getting ill from living in the house?” And not least: “Do we get a loss in value?”

When selling a property it is a good idea to make sure there is no contamination, thus avoiding loss in value of the property and long legal processes

‘No matter if you own a house or a company it is a good idea to have a historical environmental review of the property made as the basis for a possible subsequent contamination investigation will be much better.